Micah Banks

Fine Arts-Music


  • B.Mus 

from my first solo as a young child in my father’s church to more recent orchestra performances and large stage productions, music has always been a deep part of my life. i grew up as a third culture kid in places all over canada, palau, papua new guinea, and the united states. each country and region had such unique cultural differences to learn from, yet also showed how much people have in common. especially since i was a pastors and missionary’s kid, i knew early that everywhere you go the body of christ will be there to support each other in growth and love.

this position at houghton academy is in a small way a homecoming for me. i was privileged to attend houghton academy for my senior year of high school. it was here i learned of the excellent music program offered at houghton college. though even in high school i felt that education was what i wanted to do in my life, my college experience solidified that into a belief and a passion. now one of my favorite places to be is in a classroom leading, teaching, and learning music with others.

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