Education for the Hands

When all is said and done, students should not learn merely for the sake of learning. Education should, inevitably, result in action.

ag体育a phrase in our mission statement reflects this commitment by stating that the academy purposes to "teach our students a life of service." our experience suggests that this is an increasingly counter-cultural message.

ag体育we seek to help our students recognize that day-to-day living offers many opportunities to serve and assist others. from the simple act of picking up a piece of paper off the floor to the intense moments spent volunteering in a nursing home, we strive to teach and model a lifestyle that is enthusiastically others-centered.

houghton academy is a christian, college-prep boarding and day school enrolling students in grades 6 - 12.

Academic Rigor

Academy students have access to a great academic facility with modern, well-equipped classrooms. More