Local Hotels

Houghton is a small town in a rural area.

Public transportation (buses, taxis, trains, and subways) is not available. Because Houghton Academy is able to provide only limited transportation services to visitors, renting a car is a good idea when possible. If you need a ride from the airport or train station, please contact us for assistance.

during your visit, we highly recommend the . the inn at houghton creek is within walking distance of both the academy and college, and it is both modern and very comfortable. as the total number of available hotel beds is quite limited, please reserve your rooms well in advance. some weekends are booked more than a year ahead.

houghton academy personnel can assist you in transportation and hotel logistics as you request.

several other hotels are relatively close to school, though reservations well in advance are always recommended.


Phone: 585-567-8400
1/2 mile from school


4.5 miles from school

6 miles from school


5 miles from school

Academic Rigor

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