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ag体育houghton academy is 75 miles from buffalo, new york, and about the same distance from rochester, new york. we strongly encourage all students and visitors to travel into and out of buffalo. buffalo niagara international airport is quite small compared to jfk, detroit, inchon, or narita; connecting with students and visitors is quite easy.

each boarding student pays a transportation fee. this fee provides for round-trip transportation to and from buffalo at the beginning and end of school, and at thanksgiving, christmas and easter. an additional trip is thrown in as well, for a total of 5 round-trips to buffalo. students who need additional trips for various reasons are billed an additional fee per trip. additional fees will be assessed if a student chooses to arrive or depart very early or late, or if they elect to miss school days to extend their vacation time.

we will help you arrange arrival and departure times that fit with our school calendar and daily schedule. each student is provided with a wallet-sized card to carry with them when they travel; the card has cell and land phone numbers for the school so that we can be contacted if there are any changes in flights while in route.

we welcome visitors to campus, and if you need transportation from the city, we can provide it. we charge $50 to meet you at the airport and return you to the airport--a total driving commitment for us of 6 hours and about 300 miles. please give us at least one week's notice of your visit. buffalo niagara international airport has a full complement of car rental agencies, and we can provide detailed driving directions if you prefer. there are no options for public transportation from buffalo to houghton.

ag体育anyone interested in help with ticket purchase, please contact:

Mrs. Tracy Taylor
Cell Phone: 585 610 2069
Fax: 585 567 8048

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We describe our program as having a three-fold emphasis on head, heart and hands. We seek to supply core knowledge, allow knowledge to be informed by faith, and then encourage students to put their knowledge and faith into action. More